Red Hill Lutheran Church & School

Welcome to the Red Hill Lutheran Church and School photo and video site. At Red Hill, our role as a local church is to "re-present" the Kingdom of God, and share the message of the Gospel to the local and global communities by making Christ Centered, Emotionally Healthy Disciples of Jesus, One Life at a Time. Our purpose, is to Know Christ and Make Christ Known. Sharing images and videos helps us to achieve our purpose, and provides a view into the many ways God is working in our lives.

We are located at 13200 Red Hill Avenue in Tustin, California. Visit our website at www.redhillchurch.org

Within this site, redhillchurh.photos, you can do the following:

1. Free - View pictures and videos in various resolutions. Videos are in HD but can be viewed in smaller resolutions to speed up the download time.

2. Free - Download any picture and/or video. Look for the down arrow icon at the bottom of every image.

3. Free- forward the links to your family or friends for their viewing. Share it through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, etc.

4. Buy - prints of any picture. A small portion of the price goes towards paying for this service.

Should you have any questions or would like assistance with this web site, please contact myself, Manny Olmedo (msolmedo@outlook.com) or Pastor Joel Kelly (jkelly@redhillchurch.org)


PS - most galleries are password protected to keep out web bots.  Call the church office to get the password: 714-544-3131.

2011 House Building

2011 House Building